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Education is the most powerful tool we have for unlocking economic opportunity and building a successful future. Technology is increasingly helping us get that tool into the hands of more people. Join us in our efforts to expand access, build critical skills, grow interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), encourage girls to create technology, and develop new ways to help you inspire your students.

KLOUDPAD ® has designed Education Tablets are designed specifically for education and built to meet students' needs. They provide: Durability - the strong frame, sides and corners absorb the force of bumps and reduce damage when dropped. Security – comes with built in digital security and online protection for students and schools Tools for Scientific Inquiry – take the device to the field to capture data with built in tools for exploration.

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    In-Vehicle Computing

    Taking Aim Against Distracted Driving

    In this Mechanical Business article, Scott Ball discusses some "dos" and "don'ts" around in-vehicle computing solutions. An app that wants the user to type while driving is an accident waiting to happen. Yet despite the risks, people still allow themselves to be sidetracked from concentrating on driving safely. Thankfully, there’s technology that a business owner can have installed to help keep his technicians’ eyes on the road.

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    Utilities Vision Paper

    Vision Paper:  The Best Mobile Computing Tools Are the Ones Made for You

    Utilities have workers with different skills and different responsibilities, and each has a unique mobility requirement. With the right tablet PC, utilities will be able to make incremental software or module upgrades to support new workflows without requiring an entire infrastructure overhaul—which in turn protects their device investments.

Today’s utility providers face a diversity of challenges in their quest to create value and remain sustainable. KLOUDPAD is exclusively focused on delivering integrated mobile technology to strategically support our customers business requirements. Our relationships with best-of-breed ISV software partners ensures that ensure our customers benefit from the collaborative expertise of proven industry leaders.



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