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" Built on Dreams, Driven by Passion "

KLOUDPAD is an global technology company focused on digital transformation products & services, automated analytics platforms, integrated mobile technologies and smart wireless design across multiple verticals including banking, insurance, healthcare, education, public and retail. Our complete lineup of own range of smart handheld devices, process automation solutions, enterprise data analytics software and wireless infrastructure design through KLOUDPAD Mobility Research (India) & Digital Worker Services (USA) empowers future of connected digital enterprises.

KLOUDPAD Mobility Research (India) is an award-winning early stage digital mobility devices manufacturer and technology company founded by Aromal and Abbishek offering technology engineering, development and consulting. We are among the top digital technology company recognised by Technology Strategy Board (Department of International Trade) and the only INTEL Brand Advantage Partner for Tablet PC’s in South India. 'KLOUDPAD' the consumer electronics brand of the company was conceptualized during informal discussions between the founders while visiting an engineering focus group seminar at the University of Greenwich Precints, Kent, United Kingdom in late 2010. We commercially launched the KLOUDPAD product range in India by mid 2012 and our aim is to offer consumers excellent connectivity options. We are also building cognitive applications for large enterprises through the 'MEMMOO' project. The first company founded by the duo was 'CLOUDSYS' which currently is the in-house business division that focuses on software & services targeting enterprise digital transformation.

Aromal Jayaraj Shikky

Aromal Jayaraj Shikky

Managing Director & CEO

Aromal leads as the Group Managing Director of KLOUDPAD Holdings (UK). Aromal's vision for the group is focused on delivering the ambitious multi-million pound technology transition roadmap for KLOUDPAD from a leading manufacturer of converged data mobility devices into smart wireless infrastructure design and bio-core chipsets development. Responsible for collaborating on product initiatives with a global team of engineering, telecom and business professionals to deliver real value across the digital enterprise processes and data analytics through advanced technological research. He currently has focus on steering the company during the current high growth stage. He is responsible for the key commercial strategic alliances and shift to research focused innovation within the organisation.

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Abbishek Jayaraj Shikky

Abbishek Jayaraj Shikky

Director - Digital Transformation

Abbishek leads the commercialization operations for the group business. He is an experienced marketing professional who has held dynamic positions across the Middle East and Europe before taking charge operations at KLOUDPAD. He manages the organic growth of the company across EMEIA, not to mention negotiating the toughest deals on the fast paced electronics procurement and supply chain marketplace for the best value offering to our clients through our products. Leads the Digital Transformation business division of KLOUDPAD and executes the founding vision of the company to establish as a leading enterprise solutions integrator globally.

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Our Key Alliances


Our Brands and Businesses


We deliver Mobility, Wireless, Automation

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Intelligent Research

We identify promising research led product development roadmaps. We use our in-house commercialization expertise to identify core industry partners who can leverage the product capabilities into existing or new business processes and help accelerate the concept to product cycle.

Enterprise Change

Our digital worker services division has delivered change successfully through projects to public and private enterprises across EMEIA and APAC. We are driven by industry analytics to to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises.

Mobility Brands

We manufacture and market handheld mobility devices worldwide. Nearly 10+ years proven expertise within the group on EMS. We offer managed electronics sourcing and supply, supported through tailored product lifecycle management solutions.

Wireless Singularity

We are working with leading global engineering teams to build high capacity telecommunication networks using embedded neural intelligence that operate with zero carbon footprint. We are creating the next frontier in scalable responsive wireless data networks that is distributed and most importantly OPEN.


Corporate Office

KLOUDPAD Holdings Limited (KHL),
Kemp House, 152 City Road, London
England, United Kingdom - EC1V 2NX.

Global Delivery Center

KLOUDPAD Mobility Research (P) Limited,
G7, 7th Floor, Heavenly Plaza
Civil Lane Road,Padamughal
Kochi, Kerala, India -682021